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Are you looking for a fun and creative new activity for you and your child? Then look no further! Jelly Roles is a drama-based story-telling adventure class designed to inspire imagination and allow confidence to blossom.

Throughout the 45 minute sessions we role-play, sing songs, dance, play drama games and have lots of fun!

Each week the children open our ‘Magic Book’ to reveal new and exciting imaginary worlds – they might find themselves helping the three little pigs to build their houses, digging for buried treasure or even flying to the moon!

The classes help to improve concentration, enrich vocabulary, increase self-confidence and social skills and ultimately to problem solve and write creatively when they reach school. Additionally you will have fresh ideas how to join in their imaginative play and extend their language development.

Jelly Wobbles tells our story through dance, using the children's interpretation of music and movement to allow them to devise their own choreography and lead us on a physical telling of a well known story. These sessions can aid spacial awareness, gross and fine motor skills and confidence. But the best part is, whether it's Jelly Roles Drama or Jelly Wobbles dance you and your child will have lots of fun together.

Come and join us on one of our adventures very soon!

Welcome to Jelly Roles 

dance and drama through story-telling for children and pre-schoolers


Call us on 07760 376467

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